Las Vegas Dog Park Reviews: Amador Vista Park

Las Vegas Dog Park Reviews: Amador Vista Park

Location: 1562 Amador Ln Henderson, NV 89102

After a week of walks around the neighborhood, I was thrilled to finally visit a new dog park with my hooman. This week we visited Amador Vista park located in the heart of Henderson and right off the bat, the views get two non-opposable thumbs up from me! Surrounded by mountains, this quiet little park is the perfect place to have a picnic with your two-legged friends. 

With a large play area and two basketball courts, your small hooman friends are guaranteed to have a good time too. This park even has a splash pad to keep hoomans cool during the warmer days, which we have a lot of here in Vegas.

Our section of the park is on the smaller side compared to other parks in Vegas, but I did not mind. Unlike most parks I’ve visited so far, Amador Vista Park has a ton of big trees to hide under when the sun is hounding down. Because the park is divided into small dogs and big dogs, there is a little more space for all of us to run around without trampling each other! Each section of the park has a shaded area with two benches so our hoomans can stay out of the sun while we are off making friends. The park also has a communal water fountain right outside the park, which is perfect for mid-play water breaks.


Amador Vista Dog Park is open daily from 7 AM - 10 PM, but it should be noted that the dog park does not get a ton of paw-traffic. I’d say that if you’re looking to socialize, this may not be the spot. However, this park is good if you’re looking to spend some quality time with your hooman and take in some beautiful mountain views.

My final thoughts: I would rate this park 75 out of 101 spots. I was captivated by the large grass field and the 360 mountain views that surround the park. If you are looking for a quiet day at the park, this is a great place to check out!

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