Las Vegas Dog Park Review: Hidden Falls Park

Las Vegas Dog Park Review: Hidden Falls Park

Location: 281 W Horizon Dr Henderson, NV  89012

Would you consider yourself an adventure seeker? Do you often find yourself dragging your hooman out the door to explore new places? I would have to consider myself a pretty adventurous gal. Hiking is one of my favorite hobbies, right after eating and sleeping. Why am I telling you this? Well, I just discovered the perfect park for adventure seekers and it’s a hidden gem.

Hidden Falls Park is a must see if you’re into hiking and exploring. Located in Henderson, Hidden Falls is one of the biggest dog parks in the city and just like the name says, the dog park is nestled between tons of rocky mountainsides. This dog park spreads across 18 acres of land and includes the beautiful Amargosa hiking trail. There’s also a playground and a skatepark, yes, a SKATEPARK. Maybe I should take up a new hobby… I’ve seen some YouTube pups do it before… A girl can dream right? Ok, back to this amazing park.

Open daily from 7 AM - 10 PM, the dog park separated into small dog and large dog sides, but believe me when I say that each park is larger than your average area. This park was not just created with adventure seekers in mind, but also picnic lovers. When you enter the dog park, there are gated picnic tables that allow your hoomans to eat while we get our play on. Dad says this is a great amenity because I tend to not let him eat in peace…sorry dad.

My only complaint would have to be the lack of shade around the park. Summers in Las Vegas are RUFF and having no shelter from the sun can be brutal. Despite the lack of shade, I would have to say this was one of my favorite parks so far. I do have to knock off a couple spots off the rating simply because Vegas heat and mountains can be a dangerous combination for us and our two-legged friends.

Therefore, my final spot rating would have to be 95 out 101 spots. Next time you’re on the hunt for a new hiking trail, be sure to check out this hidden gem!


Ryan J

Sep 19, 2018

Hi there. Can you do a write-up on Barx Parx, they have an indoor dog park for the hot days.


Jun 04, 2018

I feel like a proud grandpa

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