Las Vegas Dog Park Review: Children's Memorial Park

Las Vegas Dog Park Review: Children's Memorial Park

Location: 6601 W Godwan Rd, Las Vegas NV, 89108

This weekend, our adventure led my hooman and I to a 35-acre wide park! Right off bat, I could tell this large park had a lot to offer. Whether you’re looking for to play baseball, softball, basketball or tennis, you can find it at Children’s Memorial Park in Las Vegas. So to my two legged friends, you have a lot of fun ahead of you if you go to this park.

Children's Memorial not only has several fields to choose from, but the main baseball field is located just a few steps away from the dog park. This means that we can roam around our area with our four legged friends freely while the adult hoomans watch the small hoomans from the comfort of the dog park.

The dog-friendly area is divided into two sections, small dogs and large dogs, to ensure our safety! Since the park is open from 7:00 AM-10:00 PM, there is no excuse for our hoomans not bring us along to the next baseball game.

While the dog park is nowhere near the size of the park in my last visit, it is still a fairly decent size. Both sides of the park have enough space to run and around and play fetch. There are a few trees scattered throughout the park, but they provide little to no shade. This brings me to my next point, neither side of the dog park has a shaded area, which is a major bummer in my book. Even during my visit, dad and I both thought the sun was a little r-u-f-f, I cannot imagine what a triple digit day in Vegas would feel like. YIKES.



Overall, I would give Children's Memorial dog park 68 spots out of 101. The park as a whole was huge and had a ton of amenities to offer. Again, if you enjoy baseball this is the park to visit. However, I thought our section of the park lacked amenities in comparison to the rest of the Children's Memorial Park. In the Summer months, having no shaded areas can be dangerous, so I would probably avoid this park all together for the season. The rest of the park is very clean and is well worth the visit if you and your hooman are looking to play sports.


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