Las Vegas Dog Park Reviews: Cactus Wren Park

Las Vegas Dog Park Reviews: Cactus Wren Park

Location: 2900 Ivanpah Dr. Henderson, NV 89074

This weekend my hooman and I had the opportunity to visit Cactus Wren Dog Park in Henderson. To say I was excited to visit a new park would be an understatement. Dad grabbed my leash, doggy bags and we were headed out for some weekend adventuring. Right off the bat, we noticed that Cactus Wren Park was more secluded than your average dog park. In fact, we had to drive through several neighborhoods to arrive at our destination.

If you’re looking for a park to bring the whole family to, I would say this a great place to check out. Cactus Wren Park is home to a large baseball field, a grass volleyball court and a decent sized skatepark. My hooman and I headed straight for the dog park, which was located at the very end of the park grounds. During my visit, there were two friends to play with, but they unfortunately had to leave shortly after I got there. I spent the rest of my visit taking advantage of everything the park had to offer including a large, white fire hydrant that all of us dream of.

The Cactus Wren dog park is split into three sections: small dogs, large dogs and a combination. However, the water fountain and shade area is communal. I would say each section of the park is fetch approved since there’s plenty of room to run. If you and your hooman are looking for a quiet and relaxing day at the park, this is the place.

Cactus Wren Park is a hidden gem for the surrounding neighborhoods since it does not get a lot of paw traffic. The park hours are 7AM-10PM all week long. Keep in mind that their irrigation schedule is every Wednesday at 10 AM, so if your hooman doesn’t want a muddy pup on the car ride back home, it’s probably best to avoid this time.

Overall, I would give Cactus Wren Park 67 out of 101 spots. While the park was clean and spacious, there were not a lot of friends to be made. When we first got to the park, dad noticed that there was a lot of telephone line poles inside of the dog area. Now, I’m not exactly sure what that means, but he says it’s not very safe for me. For that reason, I had to take away a spot or two. If you live in the neighborhood however, this is a great park and I would definitely recommend visiting!

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