Fetch Fri-YAY's - The Weeks Most Fetch and Fashionable Dogs (8/24/18)

Fetch Fri-YAY's - The Weeks Most Fetch and Fashionable Dogs (8/24/18)

This week has been a rough one for your girl Londs: It's way too hot out here in the desert to go for my nightly runs, daddy changed the sprinkler schedule so now the grass is wet when I am trying to potty (ummm EWWWW), and I am not allowed on the bed any more.  Something about shedding too much or whatever that means.  Like UGHH what a woof week.  BUT it's my favvvvv time of the week. 


Fetch Fri-YAY's put the wag back in my tail. Last week went so well.  Thank you all so much for reading. Seriously, I almost tinkled a little I was so grateful. I know I am not the best writer, you know not having thumbs and all, but I love all of you for reading. 


On this week's Fetch Fri-YAY: Elton John stops by, I go to brunch with a mini goldendoodle, and we have yet another Legally Blonde reference.


Honorable Mention



Being out here in the desert, I can relate to Barkley's desire to head to the beach. Now I am not a big water gal so I had to dock a few spots for that. On a pawsative note this top is really cute and screams "Not a worry in the world" 101/101 spots



I don't think a classy pup like me says this very often, but this jacket is Fuego!!! I don't want it, I NEED IT! Such a vintage 90's piece. 102/101 spots 


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This is what happens when your grandma decides to knit the grandkids christmas gifts.  Although I must admit the design is quite delightful. 102/101 spots for the good boy making grandma proud.


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The hipster look is soooOOOoooo 2016, but this pup has an exceptional neck tie and for that we all thank you. 102/101 spots.


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What a great Sunday shirt. I know who I am going to brunch with! "Umm yes do you guys still have the bottomless peanut butter on a spoon brunch special?" Quite a fashionable pupper 103/101 Spots




Ok you're just a cutie pie with a simple yet clean bandana. 102/101 spots



Wow was I not ready for that second photo. The bow tie design really pops and the matching leash really adds to this outfit. That being said, the orange goggles are the icing on this look. 104/101 spots



Absolutely have to respect this chihuahua.  Paying respects to Bruiser Woods and the Taco Bell dog in the same outfit is a tall task. You really leave a lot of room for criticism. Not this doggo though. 105/101 spots


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Real funny thinking you'd trick me here. It's fairly obvious you've had some work done on your buns. Who'd you go to, Dr. Nassif? 101/101 spots


Number 5: The College Professor


Freddy here looks like he has a couple 301 classes to teach. The scruffy beard mixed with the faded aztec jumper is a perfect combination. This dachshund clearly has a PHD in dog fashion. 110/101 Spots Professor Freddy


Number 4: Ketchup Doesn't Belong on Hot Dogs

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A classic outfit worn very well.  The only issue I have with it is the ketchup. Not a very big ketchup gal over here. I can never pass up a cute corgi though. 110/101 spots.


Number 3: What a Respectable Bowtie


People may say I am a little biased here. It being a dalmatian and all, but as I am sure you've noticed, I love a good bowtie.  His smile is incredible as well. I give this cookies and creme looking pup 111/101 spots.  


Number 2: Twins!


These two are the complete package. The shirts blend so well with their pink noses and gray to black shades.  112/101 spots for the matching pals.


Number 1: Pooping Unicorns


Elton John is that you?  A get up like this can only be worn by the rocket man himself, but this pupper does an amazing job to pull it off. There is just so much going on here, but I think my favorite part are the accessories.  The pupping unicorns in the back are just too fetch. 113/101 spots


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