Fetch Fri-YAY's - The Weeks Most Fetch and Fashionable Dogs

Fetch Fri-YAY's - The Weeks Most Fetch and Fashionable Dogs

Have you every been so excited that your whole body wags and you just can't help but jump around like a clumsy bucking bronco? I get this way when my hooman says "Wanna go for a walk?" or "Wanna treat?" (FYI hoomans, we know what you're doing when you spell out the buzz word in an attempt to not get us excited and frankly we don't appreciate it) Anyways, what I am sharing with you today gets me so excited I quite literally wag my spots off just thinking about.


Every Friday I will be sharing the most fetch pup outfits from around the globe in a new blog series I am calling "Fetch Fri-YAY". Sorry Regina George, fetch is going to happen. Each week I will scour the the interwebs, only stopping for potty breaks and naps filled with long puppy dreams, to find the most stylish good girls and good boys the world has to offer.  I will rank them, rate them, and critique them.  Along the journey there will be guest appearances, contests, themes, and much more. I really hope you enjoy this series.  If you're a pup who likes to rock a good outfit, just tag #FetchFriYay in your Instagram or Twitter post!


Fetch Fri-YAY 08/17/18 - "The Week of Mistaken Identity"


In this weeks blog; I hire a mini golden doodle to do my taxes, a westie steals your lady friend, and a samoyed husky mix goes undercover as a pumpkin. 


Honorable mention:



I am a little concerned that Horton might be too cool for school, and as a teacher's pet I simply cannot have that. But secretly I'm crushing so hard. 101/101 Spots.



This top screams summer, and I love it! 102/101 spots for the pug in the watermelon shark hoodie.


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Here we have our first case of mistaken identity. Are you a doggo, or are you a rabbit? All I know is you are cuter than a dachshund in a hotdog costume. 103/101 Spots


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If this doesn't scream "Bend and Snap" I don't want to know what does. If only Bruiser Woods was still around to see this 102/101 Spots


Number 5: Look Mom, I'm a Pumpkin!



Another serious case of mistaken identity.  Is this a Doggo-Latern or a Pupkin? Who knows! Regardless this hat is a rather unique one and for that I have to tip mine. 110/101 Spots.  


Number 4: Malone the Tax Man



Did anyone tell Malone that tax season is over?  To me this look is business pupfessional and says "I have been slaving over 1099's and W-2's since mid April". The worn out business look works perfectly with the messy hairstyle of this cutie pie. 111/101 Spots.


Number 3: Blame the Kids



I know what you're thinking; "Why is this number 3!?! What the Fluff??"  Umm excuuuuuseeeee me, but this look is one of a very good boy. A pupper that is soOoooOO good he let the kids dress him. This outfit is as authentic and retro as it gets. 111/101 Spots for the good boy in the colorful socks!

Number 2: Can We Make a "Grease" Remake With Pups? 



Wow! I haven't seen something this cool since Maxwell Caulfield played Michael in "Grease 2". This really is the complete look you want as a fashion critic. The accessories flow perfectly with the biker jacket. If I was a guy pup, I would definitely hide my lady friend from this Westie. 112/101 Spots


Number 1: The Single Cutest Thing You May Ever See


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There are times when you just know you've come across something special. Seeing this look was one of those times. Ok, OK, I know she isn't as "dressed" up as some of the other puppers on this list, but this look is just too cute not to be number 1. The pastel colored bow paired with puppy eyes that would make an angry hooman melt are an absolute killer combo. You go Delilah! YOU GO! 114/101 Spots

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